Top 25 Forex Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to vent your frustration on a forex trade gone wrong? These bloggers have, and they’re writing all about it. Check out this list to read all about the mistakes, triumphs and commentary of the top 25 forex bloggers out there.

1. Forex Journey: As the name suggests, Forex Journey chronicles Todd Judkins’ journey in online forex trading. He offers FX knowlege based tips, strategies and other forex information.

2. Dismally: David Andrew Taylor analyzes United States economic data to determine how it will affect the US dollar.

3. Forex Trading Information: This blog provides lots of useful forex information, commentary and reports on the latest news.

4. The Forex Project: This blogger’s goal is to trade full time, and things seem to be going well. He tracks his daily profit/loss with graphs and tables, then takes advice from readers about his decisions.

5. Piptopia: Rob Booker’s Piptopia offers ideas for trade, analysis, book reviews and many more features of interest to forex traders.

6. Forex Blog: This blog provides daily commentary and various ramblings about the Forex market. It’s also got a currency converter and live charts.

7. Power Forex Trading – Grace Cheng: This blog is home to full time forex trader Grace Cheng, who is a regular contributor to trading magazines and forex coach. This blog provides tips for trading as well as an educational portal for advanced traders.

8. No BS Forex: Visit this blog for straight-up explanations of all things forex.

9. Forex Trading Journal: This blog follows the day-to-day dealings of a forex trader. You can learn this trader’s strategy as he tracks his daily profit/loss with graphs and tables.

10. HuntFX: Vincent Hunt offers analysis and training in Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and the Psychology of Trading.

11. FXStreet: This blog offers minute by minute updates and has a very professional, uncluttered look about it. Additionally, FXStreet provides intraday commentary, reviewing the latest market developments using technical and fundamental approaches.

12. Forex Blog by LLoyd: The blogger attempts to find the right mix between fundamentals and advanced technical tips.

13. Investing Blog: This blog focuses not just on Forex, but all types of investments. It’s a one stop shop for traders interested in forex, stocks, hedge funds, futures and commodities.

14. FX-BAR: FX-BAR offers analysis, signals, commentary and news that affects the US dollar.

15. Forex TV Blog: Forex TV Blog is a resource for both beginners and pros, combining Forex news, analysis and reviews.

16. Peter Bain Forex Trading Commentary: Peter Bain is famous for his unique ability to uncover new and innovative ways to harness the power of the Forex. There is a huge amount of information available and many graphs to explain the information. This blog is ideal for traders who know their basics and are trying to learn more.

17. Forex Forays: This blog offers commentary on strategies, brokers, systems, signals and forex products.

18. Simon Super Trader: Simon hopes to one day become a full-time trader. Read about his success, failure, and quest to make a career out of forex.

19. Forex Trading Log: This blog "examines the markets with a fine-toothed comb," offering commentary on the blogger’s investments as well as the Aussie dollar.

20. BK Trader FX: Boris and Kathy "put money on the spot every day," offering information about their trades, forex news and answers to readers’ questions.

21. A Forex Loser: A Forex Loser discusses how to handle losing in the forex market as well as how to avoid psyching yourself out.

22. Babypips refuses to take itself seriously, despite the serious business of Forex trading. This blog’s goal is to "help you help yourself make money by trading money… while cracking as many corny jokes as possible along the way."

23. Currency Secrets: This blog reviews forex products, including brokers, signal services, books and more.

24. 2Bull Forex: 2Bull offers guidance on forex topics like support and resistance, essential reading, indicators and mini accounts.

25. FX Instructor: This blog provides daily technical reviews and mentoring for beginner forex traders.