Top 100 Academic Blogs Every Professional Investor Should Read

Academic economists and business bloggers have a lot to teach investors. Whether they’re professors, librarians, or students, they’ve devoted a significant part of their lives to developing a master understanding of their chosen field. Fortunately, they’re graciously willing to share their significant knowledge with you. Everyone’s equal here, but we’ve grouped them into categories so you can find what you’re most interested in.

Industry Focused

These blogs cover both specific industries and general business. Look to them for analysis of key players in their fields as well as market movements.

  1. Peter Gordon: Peter Gordon at USC covers the intersection of economics and real estate development.
  2. Credit Slips: The professors at Credit Slips take a look at the industry of credit.
  3. The Transportationist: Read Dr. Levinson’s blog for insight into the nexus of networks, economics, and urban systems.
  4. Knowledge@Wharton: Knowledge@Wharton is full of helpful insight, with discussions on spending, the economic future, real estate, health economics, and more.
  5. The Wages of Wins: The Wages of Wins brings together the academic findings of three authors who study the economics of sports.
  6. IESE Insight: The IESE Insight blog has the latest business knowledge, ranging from e-business to finance and people.
  7. Corporate Responsibility: The Intitution de Empresa Business School writes about corporate responsibility, socially responsible investing, as well as growth and responsibility in the world economy. The language of this blog is mixed, but it translates well.
  8. Organizations and Markets: These professors take a look at organizational economics and more.
  9. Market Power: Phil Miller discusses various markets, from sports to human organs.
  10. The Borjas Blog: George Borjas discusses labor economics and immigration.
  11. The Sports Economist: These professors comment on the economic role of sports.
  12. 26 Econ: Aaron Schiff shares his expertise in industrial organization, game theory, online economics, and more.
  13. Atlantic Blog: William Sjostrom reports on economics and maritime issues.
  14. CoreEcon: Joshua Gans discusses economics and strategy.
  15. Management R&D: In Management R&D, Luke Froeb and Brian McCann discuss managerial economics.
  16. The Business of America is Business: In this blog, Dr. Hunter covers information, market direction, political economy, and much more.

News Watch

Check out these blogs for a Cliff’s Notes version of current events that affect the economy.

  1. UChannel: Princeton University’s UChannel is your source for videos, essays, and other academically produced economic news.
  2. Heavy Lifting: Craig Depken presents great economic finds from the web.
  3. Talking Biz News: This blog from SABEW and the Carolina Business News Initiative discusses why economic pundits are so negative, who the media blames for economic issues, and other fun economic topics.
  4. RTable: Professor William Parke aggregates leading headines in economics, finance, law, and politics.
  5. Vox Baby: Andrew Samwick covers current events in economics, politics, and other related topics.
  6. Newmark’s Door: Craig Newmark comments on the latest in economic news.

Economics & Environment

The environment has a profound effect upon economics. Whether the market’s changing in response to global warming, or industries are shifting to greener policies, these blogs have it covered.

  1. The Nelson Institute: The Nelson Institute discusses economics as it relates to environmental issues.
  2. Environmental Economics: Environmental Economics provides readers with non-technical views on issues related to the environment and economics.
  3. Globalisation and the Environment: These professors report on the latest in news that affects the environment and economy.
  4. Conservation Finance: On Conservation Finance, you’ll find Lars Christian Smith’s take on economics schools, global warming, nuclear power, and other selected topics.
  5. Environmental and Urban Economics: Read Michael Kahn’s blog to find out about how urban growth affects the environment and the economy.

Politics, Policy & Law

Read these blogs to deepen your understanding of the intersection of politics, law, and the economy.

  1. Political Economic Research Institute: The Political Economic Research Institute is a source for information on research and policy, work issues, financial market commentary, the economics of peace, and the environment.
  2. Innovation: Check out Innovation for Jim Moore’s take on American economic leadership, world economy, innovation, and intellectual property.
  3. The Conglomerate: The Conglomerate is a mash-up of business, law, economics, and society.
  4. Ideas: David Friedman, an economist and law professor, teaches and blogs expertly without having taken a credit course in either economics or law.
  5. Bob’s Links and Rants: Bob at the University of Michigan rants about oil prices, war spending, and more.
  6. Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog: These law professors keep an eye on the latest topics in antitrust in the markets.
  7. Andrew Leigh: Andrew Leigh discusses news on economics, politics, and current happenings.
  8. IPE at UNC: Thomas Oatley illustrates the way politics shape economics worldwide.
  9. Maverecon: Willem Buiter comments on economics, politics, the Bank of England, financial markets, and monetary policy.
  10. The Austrian Economists: These economists take a look at academic discourse, discussing political economy and public policy.
  11. TaxProf: Paul Caron’s TaxProf offers a good mix of resources, academic materials, and popular news.
  12. Start Making Sense: Daniel Shaviro comments on tax, budget policy, and other topics in economics.
  13. The LockeSmith Blog: The LockeSmith Blog explores private property, free market, social toleration, and more.
  14. John Lott: John Lott discusses "freedomnomics," particularly as it relates to gun laws.
  15. VoluntaryXchange: David Tufte presents an amusing look at current political events and books.
  16. Daniel Drezner: Daniel Drezner takes a look at the way politics and foreign policy intersect with economics and globalization.
  17. Econbrowser: Check out Econbrowser for public affairs and current economic conditions.
  18. The Liberal Order: Mark Steckbeck discusses the economics of discovery, edicts of economic thought, and more.
  19. Economist’s View: Mark Thoma covers the Fed, tax cuts, and other important economic issues.

Regional & World Economics

Check out these blogs for a look at both broad and concentrated views of geographical economics.

  1. California Policy Inbox: The California Policy Inbox reports on economic news that affects Californians.
  2. Research and Economic Development: John discusses economics in Missourri and beyond.
  3. Buyer Behaviour: Professor Ray Titus studies the buyer behavior of Indian consumers.
  4. John Quiggin: John Quiggin comments on Australian and world events.
  5. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative: Stephen Gordon’s blog considers Canadian economic issues as well as economic history.
  6. World Association of International Studies: WAIS works to report on international studies in economics, political science, and beyond.
  7. Dani Rodrik: Dani Rodrik takes a look at globalization and economic development.

Library Blogs

If you’re looking for information, you’ve come to the right place. These library economic blogs are loaded with links and resources.

  1. Economics News: Economics News offers news, events, and resources for the Economics Department at Georgia State University.
  2. Business Blog: This CSU business blog provides readers with research tips, resources, and news related to business and economics.
  3. EconLog: Just about anyone can find helpful resources from EconLog.
  4. Business News and Resources at the Sterne Library: Here you’ll find links, economic figures of the week, book recommendations, and more.
  5. BU Libraries Business Blog: Binghampton University’s blog has loads of resources, current events, book reccomendations, and lots of other helpful information.
  6. BizBrary: This library business blog by Charles Lyons is full of book recommendations, resource links, journal reviews. and more.

Knowledge Economy

Our economy is experiencing a growth in intellectual industry, and these blogs discuss implications like intellectual property, innovation, technology, and more.

  1. Knowledge Economy Blog: Ohio State University’s Knowledge Economy blog discusses Ohio’s shift from an argicultural and manufacturing state to an economy that’s increasingly evolving into one of knowledge and innovation.
  2. Collectanea: Check out Collectanea for issues related to copyright, intellectual property, and the economic benefits of fair use.
  3. InfoMatters: Dr. Dillon writes about the study and architecture of information. Highlights include his thoughts on the economy and technology axis and the price of culture.
  4. Knowledge Problem: On Knowledge Problem, you’ll find discussions on copyright, economics, information, and more.
  5. Sivacracy: Siva reports on copyrights and other issues in intellectual property.

Economic History & Theory

Although current economic thought is very useful, it’s equally as important to consider the knowledge of historical economic thinkers. These blogs make it easy to learn from the past, so that we may better understand our future.

  1. Adam Smith Lives: Sandra Peart translates economic history into easy to understand discussions.
  2. The Mises Institute: This blog reports on the intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Murray N. Rothbard.
  3. Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy: This blog discusses the legacy of Scottish political economist Adam Smith.
  4. Division of Labour: The Division of Labour features historical economic headlines, ads, and more.


Students bring excitement and fresh perspectives to the economic table in these blogs.

  1. Triple Pundit: These MBA candidates believe that you can’t have a successful economy without a healthy environment and society.
  2. SCSU Scholars: These students discuss current events and just how mad their professors are.
  3. Alpha Sources: Claus Vistesen takes a look at currency trades, macroeconomics, and demographics.
  4. IPE Zone: These PhD students at the University of Birmingham offer a unique insight into the field of international political economy.
  5. Undergraduate Economist: Alex Thomas discusses classical political economy and other topics.
  6. Econ Weekly: PhD student Francisco Torralba discusses his interests in consumer finances, consumption, and other topics in economics.
  7. Corneconomics: Shane Murphy writes about his experience as an economics student at Cornell.
  8. Eli Dourado: Eli, an economics student at George Mason, discusses economics, technology, culture, religion, and politics.
  9. Jonathan Dingel: Jonathan Dingel offers commentary on development, globalization, and trade.


The blogs in this category are too broad to fit anywhere else, and that’s not a bad thing. They have lots to share in a variety of different topics. Check them out for a general view of economics in action.

  1. Knowledge@W.P.Carey: Knowledge@W.P. Carey offers discussions on economics, public policy, business ethics, entrepreneurship, and more.
  2. Unintended Consequences: Unintended Consequences covers interesting research findings from economics that may seem strange or counter-intuitive.
  3. Carpe Diem: Dr. Mark Perry takes a look at GDP, inflation, and other economic topics.
  4. The Becker-Posner Blog: Be sure to check out this blog from two very accomplished economists.
  5. Marginal Revolution: Marginal Revolution aims to bring economics into the real world, offering commentary on everything from hedge funds to odd inventions.
  6. Greg Mankiw: Greg Mankiw offers advice for economics students beyond the classroom.
  7. Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad Delong covers everything from business cycle dynamics to behavioral finance.
  8. Cafe Hayek: Cafe Hayek is full of news and commentary on the world of economics.
  9. EclectEcon: John Palmer thinks that the field of economics is like a mid-life crisis.
  10. Agoraphilia: Agoraphilia discusses economic issues that the public needs to know about.
  11. Modeled Behavior: Karl Smith writes about biases in economic thinking, diversity, and trading.
  12. Eric Rasmusen: Eric Rasmusen’s blog is home to discussions that include plastic bottles as a solution to global warming and typesetting as a mover of economy.
  13. Freakonomics: Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt keep the discussion from their book going on this blog.
  14. Cold Spring Shops: Cold Spring Shops is made up of observations on economics, with special attention for things that run on rails.
  15. William Polley: William Polley discusses economics in subjects from fiscal policy to labor markets.
  16. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science: This Columbia University blog takes a look at economic topics like urban planning, inflation, relative prices, and more.
  17. Urban Planning Research: Randall Crane discusses the intersection of urban planning and economics, with detailed thoughts on topics like the costs of sprawl, day laborers, and more.
  18. Reviving Economics: This macroeconomics professor aims to revive economics with modern, accessible materials.
  19. An Economist in Paradise: Fazeer Sheik Rahim takes a look at how economics illumiates multiple aspects of society.
  20. The Reality-Based Community: The Reality-Based Community is a group of leading thinkers in economy, policy, and other related topics.
  21. Research Design & Statistics: Dr. Craig Marker takes a look at statistics in behavioral economics.
  22. Everyday Economist: John Hendrickson’s blog mission is simple: to explain the economics we see in action every day.
  23. James Miller: James Miller writes about better investing and microeconomics.