Recession Proof Your Portfolio: 50 Best Blogs for Free Investment Advice

In today’s economy, investors need all the help they can get. Fortunately, there are many investment bloggers out there willing to lend a hand. Here, we’ll take a look at 50 of the best of these bloggers, from stocks to real estate.

General Investment

Check out these blogs for a broad view of the current state of investment.

  1. The Street: Visit TheStreet to find out what Jim Cramer and other investment experts have to say.
  2. Long or Short Capital: Check out the advice at Long or Short Capital for a scientific look at investments.
  3. 22Dollars: 22Dollars has a nice mix of personal wealth and investment analysis.
  4. The Big Picture: Visit this blog to get a good look at capital markets and beyond.
  5. Word on the Street: Check out this blog from Ant & Sons to get helpful news, commentary, and analysis.
  6. Ticker Sense: On Ticker Sense, you’ll get a good feel for the state of investment, primarily focusing on US stocks.
  7. Investing Blog: This blog has a little bit of everything, with stocks, forex, hedge funds, and more.
  8. InvestorTrip: Check out InvestorTrip for great advice about both US domestic and international equity markets.
  9. The Peridot Capitalist: Check out The Peridot Capitalist for expert commentary, news, and analysis of the markets.
  10. Seeking Alpha: Seeking Alpha has lots of news and commentary on investment and the economy.


In these blogs, you’ll find a plethora of information and advice for investing in stocks.

  1. Project Stocks: Visit Project Stocks for information about the stock markets and a variety of other investments.
  2. CrossingWallStreet: This blogger loves the stock market, and it shows.
  3. Maoxian: Visit Maoxian for down to earth insight and commentary on stocks and other investments.
  4. Random Roger’s Big Picture: Check out this blog to get information about portfolio management, stocks, funds, options, and a lot more.
  5. Ugly Chart: This blog analyzes stocks and the general investment market.
  6. The Kirk Report: Charles Kirk aims to help the "little guy" investor with lots of useful information.
  7. Move the Markets: Check out Move the Markets for strategies and lifestyle advice for traders.
  8. Fallond Stock Picks: This blog has lots of commentary and stock picks, all based on technical analysis.
  9. The Stock Bandit: Jeff White’s Stock Bandit offers stock picks as well as topics like chart patterns and knowing when to stop trading.


Check out these blogs to see what the experts are doing in forex investment.

  1. Grace Cheng: Grace offers forex advice and more on this blog.
  2. PipStop: Get updates and advice on forex with PipStop’s blog.
  3. Forex Blog: Check out this blog to get an in-depth look at how the markets and current events are affecting forex trading.
  4. Piptopia: Rob at Piptopia writes about trade ideas, economic analysis, and other important information for currency traders.

Commodities & Futures

If you’re trading commodities and futures, be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. Global Gold Perspective: Here you’ll find analysis, news, reports and commentary on gold, silver, and forex.
  2. MineSet: Jim Sinclair offers news and commentary on gold, oil, and beyond.
  3. Commodities and Futures Trading Blog: Stay up to date on the commodities and futures markets with this blog.
  4. Gold Stock Bull: Check out this blog for investment help in gold, silver, and energy.


Get the dirt on the options market with these top-notch blogs.

  1. Option Addict: Jeff Kohler is an option addict, and he’ll share his knowledge with you.
  2. Daily Options Report: Check out the Daily Options Report for ongoing options commentary.
  3. Simply Options Trading: Get simple information about options trading from this blog.
  4. Option Pundit: Visit Option Pundit to get awesome strategies for options investment.
  5. Condor Options: Check out this blog for advice related to iron condor investment.

Real Estate

Use these blogs to keep a watchful eye on the real estate market.

  1. Transparent Real Estate: On this blog, you’ll get a look at strategies for real estate investment and marketing.
  2. Paper Economy: Paper Economy tracks the current US real estate bubble.
  3. EquityScout: Check out EquityScout for ongoing commentary on the state of real estate investment.
  4. Real Estate Investing For Real: On this BiggerPockets blog, you’ll learn about goals, current events, and lots more.

Ahead of the Curve

Stay on top of the markets and ahead of the rest with these blogs that will give you the scoop.

  1. The Underground Investor: This blog breaks stories before the mainstream media gets to it.
  2. The Buttonwood Speculator: This broad-based look at the markets will keep you ahead of the curve.
  3. Footnoted: This blog takes a look at SEC filings to find the juicy details companies don’t want you to know about.
  4. Controlled Greed: On this blog, you’ll find undervalued stocks poised to make a great profit.
  5. 10Q Detective: Like Footnoted, 10Q Detective is another great site that offers an in-depth look at SEC filings.


Stay on top of what specific industries are doing using these blogs.

  1. Biohealth Investor: This blog offers loads of information on the biotech industry, and offers aggregated information from other sites.
  2. TechCrunch: Check out TechCrunch for analysis of the Internet startup industry.
  3. The AAO Weblog: Here you’ll find information about the accounting industry as it relates to investment analysis.


Investing is serious business, but these blogs aim to make it fun.

  1. Wallstrip: Julie Alexandia’s Wallstrip pokes fun at publicly traded companies, investment figures, and more.
  2. Infectious Greed: Paul Kedrosky’s blog offers investment advice with a bit of humor mixed in.

Reports & Commentary

These blogs offer plenty of technical assistance to investors of all kinds.

  1. Bill Cara: A three-year Forbes ‘Favorite,’ Bill Cara offers excellent commentary on investing and the economy at large.
  2. Traderfeed: Brett Steenbarger serves up great information on psychology, historical patterns, and more.
  3. ChartSetups: ChartSetups offers a simplified look at technical analysis.
  4. Trader Mike: Trader Mike has loads of watchlists and recaps on this blog.