13 Firefox Extensions Every Investor Needs

Firefox extensions offer increased functionality for many users, and investors are no exception. From chart tools to security, these extensions provide investors with utilities that streamline the process. In this article, we’ve sorted through the thousands of possible extensions and selected these 13 as investor essentials.

For Every Investor

These extensions offer tools that can help out just about every investor out there.

  1. Sage: An informed investor is a smart investor. Use the Sage feed reader to stay on top of investing news, blogs, and more. This extension boasts customizable styles, feed discovery, support for many different languages, and lots of other useful features.
  2. ChartLet: ChartLet offers an easy way for investors to create charts. With this extension, you can set up a chart, then tell ChartLet where to go to extract the data you need. It will then periodically update the information, and you’ll be able to view it on demand.
  3. PermaTabs: Do you have trading sites that you visit and keep up all day? Defining them as permanent tabs makes it easy to leave them open at all times. This is especially helpful for users that are prone to accidentally closing tabs, as these pages will stay the same between sessions.
  4. FireStox: This extension allows traders to keep an eye on stock values. It can be set to show the value of your complete portfolio or just one stock at a time. When you hover your mouse over the FireStox taskbar, it expands to show you detailed information on all of your stocks, with information on changes, day changes, gains and their respective percents.
  5. Pearl Crescent Page Saver: If you like to compile your own historic data on stocks or currencies, you need a convenient way to save this information. That’s where Page Saver comes in. Using this extension, you can take snapshots of partial or full web pages. These are then saved as images that can be stored on your computer or online.
  6. PhishTank SiteChecker: If you’re making important financial transactions, it’s important to know that the sites you’re visiting are really what you think they are. With PhishTank, you’ll be blocked from visiting known phishing sites. If you’re sure about a site, you can always view the site in SafeView and turn off the phishing filter.
  7. Split Browser: Split Browser allows you to split the area of a browser window to view multiple web pages all on the same tab. This is very useful if you like to compare stocks side by side. You can create as many splits as you like-you’re only limited by your screen and RAM capacity.
  8. Indian Stock Market and Sensex Watcher: With this extension, you’ll have easy access to Sensex value and more quotes in the future. This value is easily updated by clicking on the value.


For Day Traders

Day traders need tools that can keep up with their fast-paced movements. These extensions serve up the best and fastest information that Firefox has to offer.


  1. AlphaTicker: Keep stock and exchange quotes available in a convenient place: the top of your browser. AlphaTicker keeps a running ticker of stock quotes that can be customized and sped up. You can set how quickly it should update, and how much space to devote to the toolbar. Once a quote is selected, it will open up a new tab that provides detailed data and headlines for that particular stock.
  2. Exch: If you like Yahoo! Finance exchange data, but would like a faster and easier way to access it, Exch is for you. This extension allows you to fetch forex quotes, providing buy/ask rates and more. With Exch, you’ll also be able to download charts ranging from 1 day to 5 years.
  3. FasterFox: If you’re in the middle of a hot trade, you don’t have time to wait for a slow browser. Install FasterFox for browsing in fast forward. With FasterFox, you have the option to create tweaks and test how well they work with a page load time. The extension also includes a popup blocker.
  4. StockTickr: StockTickr is a useful tool that allows users to quickly view stock charts for any symbol. For example, if you view a list of ticker symbols that aren’t links, you’d normally have to open up a new tab, go to a web site and paste each individual symbol in. With StockTickr, you can just highlight, right click and view the symbols in a stock website of your choice.
  5. RSS Ticker: As we noted with Sage, an informed investor is a smart one. But what if you don’t want to take time out of your day to view each individual feed that you subscribe to? You can use the RSS ticker to have feeds flashed at you while you’re working on something else. If you see something that you’re interested in, you can hover over it to read a summary. This multitasking extension allows you to filter through headlines without having to go through the time-consuming process of reading and manipulating all of them.